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Dublin state of mind pt 1

It's been over half a year since I wrote last time and it goes without saying that lots has happened. Moving from the UK to Finland and further on to Dublin and most importantly I graduated with amazing grades (bar one weird failure which now amuses me more than anything) and am now starting masters degree here in Dublin, where I arrived last night.

I'm not entirely sure if I am bringing this blog back to life or am I giving it one off CPR just because I feel like it. And I feel like writing and telling people things. I've already done two Facebook-updates on leaving and arriving here and in order for me not to become a crazy updater, I turned to my old blog, which I started about 4 years ago. And for some reason I'm also writing in English, which I haven't previously done. So long story short, I'm making no promises on updating this, but at least "coming out" with my oh-so-secret blog gives my mum something to procrastinate with.

So, I am in Dublin. I am in Dublin indeed. I am living on campus in an amazing house (pictures to come!) with interior not as stunning, but the room is huge compared to other halls rooms I've seen and living literally in the heart of everything is simply... surreal.

I've been making small observations. Like that I didn't know that I own so many socks. And that I have a bruise on my shoulder that looks like a very oddly located lovebite, but is actually from carrying a sports bag of 20kgs around. And I wish I took that umbrella I was considering taking with me just as I left the house back home. This morning it is of course raining.

I flew here with Norwegian and 11€ bags each convinced me I should bring all half empty hair sprays, shampoos, lotions etc. A student's gotta do what student's gotta do. At the airport me and my three bags of about 20kgs each were greeted by Trinity's student who led my way to my room and she very very kindly carried my stuff in to my room very kindly. She then disappeared, but I definitely owe her a pint.

I got into my room around 19.30 and tried to get the internet sorted with no success. I then realised I've got no food, no toilet tissue and I was actually hungry so I headed off to... somewhere. I left the building and walked across the empty, dark, pebble stoned Front Square and out through the Front Arch to what I am assuming is the city centre of Dublin. Surreal is the only word I can use to describe the feeling. I didn't know if I should be jumping out of joy, crying out of tiredness and frustration or something in between. I headed towards a street I remotely remembered from me and Johnathan's trip to Dublin 2,5 years before. I then walked past the heart of Western capitalism and globalisation, McDonald's and walked in. Oh free wi-fi, how I like you on the side of my wrap and a diet coke.

So in one sentence: my first meal in Ireland was in McDonald's. Which reminds me, I constantly keep thinking all these Irish are Americans. What a peculiar accent. I kind of don't want to lose my British(ish) accent, but we'll see what I'll sound like in a year.

Back in my room I got the internet working, skyped my dad and showed him the room. I'm guessing my room was a shared room some while back because I actually have two beds. I'm guessing the other one is camouflaged to look like a sofa. So friends and family, please do come visit! Luckily my first guest is only about 2,5 weeks away from coming!

So thanks to the almighty internet fairies, my internet was up and running and I got talking with a lovely Finnish girl, who lives here in Dublin. She actually came over from other side of the city centre to bring me a duvet and I'm guessing she literally saved my first night in Dublin. We then went around the campus and I can't wait till I get to go into all the libraries! We then headed off to Temple Bar and walked to the other side of the river back, we had pints and shouted over live music in a pub. I got a million tips from her as to where to shop, eat, drink, but I might need to refresh my memory on those. 20 hours up does not good for the brain.

Now it indeed is the morning and I was hoping I could go for a run. But I've only got two options: either to wait till the rain stops or go out into town to invest on water-resistant running gear. I might have to choose the latter. But nonetheless, I'm now off to pick up my ID card, go to the gym to sign in, then Freshers Fair right in front of my house and then off to town to buy some items that seem like bare necessities, such as a duvet and an umbrella.

Today I've got a choice to make: should I go to the Scandinavian Society's Viking Pub Crawl or the Philosophy Society's Cable Tie Pub Crawl. Decisions, decisions.

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